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Polishing machine


YJP-C mannul 


1.   Caution

2.   Clean, install and dismantle the brush

3.   Electric Principle Diagram


  1.Turn around the main shaft of the motor by hand   before connect the power, and without clamping phenomenon.

  2.Check all the fasteners should be tightened.

  3.Insert the power plug of the dust collector into the bottom of the body socket, connect the dust collector hose, adjust the regulator to about 200V , dust collector to start work first, then turn on the power switch, and pour a small amount of drugs, adjust the voltage, change the speed, until the drug surface cleanliness to achieve satisfactory results. Speed and cleanliness are inversely proportional.

  4. In order to recover the excess powder, suggest that with a large hole sieve to sieve the drug one time before polishing.

5. Adding a little starch on the brush, tied a towel

on the discharge hole, can improve the drug’s surface cleanliness.

   6.Because of the the brush and the mesh fabric will frictional heating when working,the heat is too high to affect the drug’s surface cleanliness,

therefore the operator should master the machine's continuous working time,should not be too long.

  7.Need to clean the brush,mesh fabric and hopper when polisher different drug.

8.The reserve brush after clean should be suspended,

can not keep flat.

  9. The filter bag of the dust collector needs to often wash.

2、Clean, install and dismantle the brush

1.   Loosen the back and forth of the bearing cover

screws, remove the bearing cover (1), remove the upper part of the polishing tube (2).

2.   Loosen the fasten screws of the brush side bearing.

3.   Take out the brush,mesh fabric and spring(3),then

Pull the mesh fabric ,and get out the brush to clean and dry.

4.   Can not open the both ends bearing of the brush,

but should keep the bearing doesn’t rust and not be tightened.

5.   Connect with the motor coupling after install the

brush,and without clamping phenomenon by hand.


3、Electric Principle Diagram(Refer to page5)

1.  Bearing Cover

2.  Plexiglass Tube

3.  Mesh FabricSpringBrush

4.  Clamping

5.  DC Motor

6.  Governor

7.  Height-adjustable Stand

8.  Dust Collector Socket

9.  Feeding Hole

10.Discharge Hole

11.Dust Aspiration Hole


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